"Using theatre to improve children’s communication skills: Reflections on the project and plans for the future" published on the TORCH Blog on 06/05/2021.

The article presents an overview of the project "From the page to the stage: A feasibility study on using theatre to improve EAL children’s communicative skills", which was funded by TORCH's Theatres Seed Fund between January 2020 – March 2020 (but, unfortunately, was cancelled due to COVID-19).


"Masterclass Award supports student's drama training programme" published on Teddy Hall News on 21/12/2018.

This news piece contains a description of the acting diploma course I took at Theatre Lab Company (TCL) with the financial support of St Edmund Hall's Masterclass Award. In the message I wrote for the piece, I outline the tenets of the TLC method and talk about the shows that I had the chance to perform in as a result of attending the course.


"Becoming bilingual at preschool: Greek children’s acquisition of subject pronouns in English" published on the EAL Journal on 16/04/2018.

The article discusses the rationale, methods, results and conclusions of my MSc project on "The development of subject pronouns in Greek children learning English as a Foreign Language at preschool", conducted at the Department of Education, University of Oxford, under the supervision of Prof Victoria Murphy.